Companies that recruited graduates
into true graduate jobs.

Companies that recruited graduates into true graduate jobs.
Based on information given by over 950,000 graduates.

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Who employs graduates?

The Higher Education Statistics Agency DLHE survey contains details of where graduates go on to work 6 months after leaving university. We, Oblong (UK) Ltd, are contracted to clean & enhance the results of the DLHE survey. We have an agreement in place to allow us to use the results of this survey to build the Graduate Employer database, the most detailed and largest list of companies that recruit UK graduates.

Our research shows:

75% of all students do not receive information on companies that previously recruited from their course.
Most of the 25% that do receive this information find it useful but only receive information on large companies.

We want to give every student & graduate customised lists of all companies that previously recruited a graduate. We want to give 6th formers and school pupils insight into companies that recruit from courses, where might they work if they attend course A, what might they earn if they attend course B?

Use our graduate employer search facility and find...

Created using employer information given by nearly a million people 6 months after they graduated.

All based on companies that recruited to fill genuine graduate level jobs, so for example a company site that only employed graduates to work behind a checkout would not be included.

No details of any individual are made available through this site.

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A big thank you to all of the HE institutions that have helped with this project. Together we can help millions of school children, 6th formers, students & graduates.

Please help & link to this site:

Here is an example link... a useful site for finding employers that have recruited from your course. You can search most universities, departments and for companies licensed to sponsor migrants.

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