A centrally maintained database of
over 38,000 Companies that recruited new graduates into true graduate jobs.
Based on information given by over 950,000 graduates since 2013.

Companies that recruited graduates
into true graduate jobs.

Companies that recruited new graduates into true graduate jobs.
Based on information given by over 950,000 graduates.

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Need help finding a graduate position?

We'll put your details in front of prospective employers.

We are Oblong (UK) Ltd, tradationally a business data company.

  o We maintain the largest database of UK Graduate Employers.
  o We also keep a list of over 2 million UK companies.

Get ahead of the competition

We'll use our data to find you potential employers and submit your details to those companies.

We are not an employment agency, so we won't just submit your CV to a database and wait for a suitable job to come along. Instead we'll be proactive for you, spending our time using a combination of personal analysis and computer aided selection to find and agree a list of appropriate companies with you, we'll then send your details to those companies.

We'll start by looking at companies that:
  o Have hired graduates into true graduate jobs from your university and course
  o Have hired graduates into true graduate jobs from similar universities/courses
  o Are similar to companies which have hired from your course
  o Are within your local area or other areas you are interested in

We'll put you in front of all sizes of company, in particular those which aren’t on traditional agencies’ radars because they choose not to use agencies, or because they don’t want to spend thousands on agency fees. These companies are often looking to expand and can give very rewarding careers.

"A new job and some money back to celebrate, how does that sound?"
For £30 (including VAT) we will actively help you find a suitable, exciting new position, and if successful and we pick up a finders fee from your new employer, we will reimburse you.

To sign up to this service please email

To get started we'll need a copy of your CV and you'll need to answer a few simple questions.
We take payment via paypal.


It is clear that many graduates struggle to find appropriate graduate employment, but why? University careers departments have limited budget, information and resources, recruitment agencies focus on filling vacancies for companies, but who is there to help you?

We realised we had information that should be in the public domain so we've published it, but this information alone isn't quite enough, it needs to be acted on, so we've created our graduate employment service to help those who want an expert with access to a vast amount of data to help them.

We are committed to evolving our graduate employer service, build ties with graduate-employing companies and find more graduates suitable jobs.

The only way we can provide this service is to charge you a small fee for the time we spend working for you - compared to the cost of your education this fee is negligible and if we succeed in finding you an employer it'll be the best £30 you ever spend.

Students & Graduates

Roughly 6 months after graduating you'll be asked to fill out the DLHE survey, this survey contains details of where most students go on to work after graduation. We are contracted to clean & enhance the results of the DLHE survey.

We have put an agreement in place to allow us to use the results of the survey to build the Graduate Employer database, a detailed list of companies that recruit UK graduates.

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Our experts are on hand to help you find a job. For a one-off fee of £30 (including VAT) we'll work with you to create a list of potential employers, and then help get your details in front of them.

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